Best Cydia apps add distinctive character to jailbroken iOS 6

Your jailbroken iOS is compatible with apps and tweaks available on Cydia Store free of costs or upon payment. The jailbreak apps complete the classical Apple apps with features such as privacy, space and time saving and, most important, they provide for the possibility to use other apps while searching on Internet or composing SMSs.  

Among the various offers of Cydia Store, I found some apps and tweaks which enhance functionality and appearance by adding new features and simplifying the management of a jailbroken iDevice. A number of apps and tweaks are set out below according to their value added to the jailbroken iOS.
If you are keen on staying free from annoying contacts and ads, you can try iBlackList and AdBlocker.
iBlackList app empowers the user to remove unpleasant or unwanted contacts or calls and to manage better both known and unknown phone numbers.

AdBlocker tweak improves the way your iPhone or iPad work by blocking ads. Therefore, the chances of rapid loading Internet page and increased data storage are high.      
If you want a broader view of your apps on your screen and an improved effectiveness, you probably long for LockInfo and Dashboad X.
To download Cydia apps the user can rely on two of the most important providers of jailbreak apps for iDevices: BigBoss and MadMyi repositories.
LockInfo app, one of the most popular Cydia app, announces the user, without delay, on missed calls or received e-mails or SMSs directly on the Lock Screen or inside any other application.

Dashboad X, on the other hand, brings the feature to another level by means of its widgets that re-define your iPhone or iPad in a personal manner. For example, Calendar Widget enables quick and easy access to your monthly agenda from the screen, and Clock Widget offers digital, simple-to-look-at clock on the screen. WeeSearch, however, exceeds all expectations by giving the users the possibility to search among Google, Youtube, Wikipedia or Dictionary in a space-saving manner and still keeping the rest of apps within reach.            

If you are an innovative and always in the rush person, Activator and BiteSMS will certainly meet your requirements.

Activator app enables the user to control the iDevice and use his/ her imagination and create personalized gestures, according to own preferences and needs.

Last but not least in my list, BiteSMS app incorporates features that improve the way the SMS is composed, replied or forwarded.

Cydia apps and tweaks enrich the jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod with exceptional features that contribute to the functionality and efficiency of you iDevice.