How to save You Tube videos on your iPad

How many times you wanted to watch or to show to your friends a video on youtube that you’ve watched earlier and you didn’t have a internet connection or, many times, as I’m sure you know, the uploader has erased it from the internet. You ask yourself in that moment ‘Why I didn’t downloaded it?”. None of the web browsers offers a way to download and store the videos on your iPad .The reasons for that is that implies copywriter fees. But there is a legal and free way to download videos on your ipad. Here is what you have to do:
First you’ll need to download and install a downloader application. You can find many on App Store but it costs money. Here is an app which works very smooth and, very important the basic version is for free. It is called Video Downloader Lite Super – Vdownload. ( however the Premium version only costs 2,49£). After you install this app you can download videos and store them into your iPad. Here is how:

Start up the VDownload by tapping the icon that appears on your Home screen or wherever you saved the app. After this type in the search term whatever you want to see. It is is very simple because the interface looks just as You Tube itself. After you select a video you have two options given by the app. One is to “Save to memory” and the other one is “Cancel”. “Save to memory” means that you can save the video to your iPad’s memory and doing that you can watch it later without any internet connection. After typing “Save to memory”, on your screen will appear a “loading” status wich will save the video in the Downloads folder. Tap the download tab to see all the videos you have saved or to watch one of them even, for example, you are in the Airplane Mode, by taping the green play arrow at the top right of the screen.
As it was mentioned at the beginning it is very legal to download videos and watch them later, but of course only for personal use. This is very important because the people worked hard to create the videos and they earn some money by advertising their videos. Downloading and attempt to profit from videos that you do not own copyright is illegal.