A top 5 why you should not jailbreak

Jailbreaking is one of the coolest things to come to iOS but sadly not everything is fun and games so for those of you that are still on the rops trying to decide if jailbreaking is right for you we are not going to give you a top five reasons why you should jailbreak but instead we are going to give you the top five reasons why you shouldn’t jailbreak.
Well on number one sadly jailbreaking is not for everyone even though it’s very easy to jailbreak any device it still requires a little bit of tech-knoledge aside from that what not everybody’s out there to try to do their best with the iPhone they just wanna run the specific app that they like and they’re really not after tweaking things are not annoyed by the fact that the settings are all stuck in one menu they’re not easily accessible a aside other things that sadly isn’t something that everybody is out there for and if you consider the average iPhone consumer I’ll tell you it does make sense for not everybody to want to jailbreak.
Number two your iPhone is exposed to malware and well sideloading applications doesn’t only allow you to sideload Cydia apps but it also allows you to sideload malware and just think about this in particular if you’re worried about your phone being tacked and tapped well in the case of the iPhone the only way you can actually do that is if you jailbreak your device first and then load the applications that will allow whichever private investigator or service to be after you so sadly jailbreaking does have this level of threat that you should consider
On number three it complicates your user experience for example if you wanna update to a newer version of iOS you can’t do Over The Air OTA anymore you have to pretty much get rid of the jailbreak then upgrade to the new version and then restore the device and it just makes everything complicated aside from that there are some applications that don’t quite work well with jailbroken devices like for example Skype you do get a message that your device is jailbroken they can you Skype actually can use it but we wonder if it’s actually safe to use Skype if your devices is jailbroken you can still get that alert.
Number four jailbroken apps are actually quite expensive if you look at the average application for iOS could cost between one or two dollars there are some games out there that cost you six dollars or seven dollars at most but then you have it IntelliScreenX that will give you a three-day trial which is cool but the problem is it cost you ten bucks and if you consider the advantages of IntelliScreenX  sure you can just consider not loading it to your phone but then again ten dollars for simple tweak is kinda expensive and aside from that one you’ll get others that are quite expensive and even though some people tell me that there are trials well there are trials for everything so not everything is out there for you to try.
And the number fiv reason why you shouldn’t jailbreak your iPhone is actually two things: number one you lose reliability the time ever since ive jailbroken my iPhone it’s pretty much crashed around 10 times you better get used to that and the second is the fact that restoring my iPhone to factory settings can be a pain, but obviously depends on your mileage in my case I have a 64 gigabyte iPhone and my connection in my country is pretty much 5 megabits to 8 megabits down so just think about this 64 gigs that’s pretty much max the 60 and then I have to pretty much restore to factory settings pretty much delete everything and then either use iCloud or use my computer to restore 64 gigs content how long do you think that takes, it’s actually a pain so just consider that before jailbreaking definitely your experience is not really gonna be the best if you’re out for reliability and the best iOS experience even though some people will debate that and the reason why I jailbroken my device is because I actually do debate that.
I hope you enjoyed this top five of why you should not jailbreak and hope i shed some light on this matter.

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