A new concept of 3D movies without glasses

Movie theaters are enjoying a real success of 3D movies. The only minus, great for many of us is the spectacle glasses of active or passive that all viewers must wear them when they go to a 3D movie.

Therefore, the laboratory CSAIL (Computers Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab) of the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) has developed a new technology that can give us experience 3D without using glasses.

“Existing Approaches to glasses-free 3-D screens Require resolution Whose Your requirements are so enormous That Completely They are impractical, This is the first technical approach that allows for glasses-free 3-D on a large scale.”

There were such attempts that offered 3D movies without glasses display offering a visual experience but with low resolution and viewing angles reduced.

The prototype “Cinema 3D” uses a series of lenses and mirrors made especially for theaters to show 3D without glasses material from anywhere you are.

“With a 3-D TV, you have to account for people moving around to watch from different angles, Which Means That you have to divide up the limited number of pixels to be Projected it That the viewer SEES the image from Wherever They are. the authors [of Cinema 3D] Exploited cleverly Fact That the theaters have a unique set-up in Which Every person sits in a more or less fixed position the whole time ”

Those who develop this prototype tell us advantages compared to a classic 3D with polarized glasses, such as keeping the intensity of color, resolution, and lack of glasses you might even break.

But so it will accomplish in cinemas will probably take some time.

“It Remains to be seen whether the approach is financially feasible Enough to scale up to a full-blown theater But we have optimistic That this is an important year next step in Developing glasses-free 3-D for large spaces like movie theaters and auditoriums . ”

How to jailbreak iOS devices

The procedure of jailbreaking your iOS 9.3.3 device, which means removing the restrictions set by Apple for the operating system that your iPhone, iPad or iPod uses is done using the internet, finding a secure, trusted location from which to download the jailbreak software from, and then loading the jailbreak application on your device through an USB cable.

By jailbreaking your iPhone, for example, you will have the ability not only to get apps, updates etc from the Apple App Store, make phone calls like always, use services like iTunes – but you will also be able to get a ton of interesting stuff from Cydia download iOS 9.3.3, otherwise not available without first doing the jailbreak.

Other than the already mentioned iOS 9.2 or 9.3.3 driven devices, jailbreaking also works for Apple TVs. After the jailbreak, you will be able to access a plethora of additional extensions, themes, applications etc. that aren’t otherwise accessible in the App Store by Apple. The process itself is being performed by jailbreaking the operating system’s (iOS) root access.

A device ran by the iOS operating system can be restored in iTunes or by doing an update to the current iOS version. To solve this, you will either have to reload the jailbreak again or use a partial iOS update by doing a Semi-Restore.

Proper updates for your jailbreak are needed for each iOS version or update, because for each Apple iOS update, a new jailbreak will be needed to fit that particular version.

The Apple App Store can accept or deny certain applications from being displayed in the Apple App Store for different reasons (for example, they already have a similar app). By jailbreaking your device and having access to the Cydia App Store, you can get apps that aren’t available on the Apple App Store.

However, due to security reasons, it’s recommended that you backup your files if you decide to install an app from the Cydia App Store because there is no guarantee that the app works properly or that it isn’t harmful for your device. Reading through the reviews for that particular app is a good idea and will help preventing you from crashing or damaging your device.

Call Recorder Cydia Tweak iOS 9

Significant Upgrade: Check out this post here for info in the iPhone call recording tweak.

Recording a call could be lawful or illegal in your portion of the planet but when youre even feebly considering call recorders in your iPhone, the doors might be simply opening up in a quick while.

Elias Limneos, an iOS/Cydia programmer, has truly released Call Recorder which records calls in your iPhone 6/6S. The tweak is sent to BigBoss for acceptance and subsequent upload to the repo.

Ryan Petrich is tweeting of the same tweak that hes developing. I used to be really waiting for it but it seems like Elias rushed him to it. Its a wholesome rivalry even though the pricing is a thing that nicely must look at.

Users can either await the Call Recorder to come up on BigBoss or you may add Eliass repo to begin using Call Recorder.

Heres ways to get Call Recorder Cydia Tweak:

Open Cydia
Visit Handle -> Sources -> Edit -> Add
Sort: http://limneos.net/repo
Now try to find Call Recorder in Cydia search or simply exploit on the recently added repo to set up the tweak.
Compatibility: iPhone 6, iPhone 6s just.

About the iPhone 6, loudspeaker and receiver record.
About the iPhone 6S, loudspeaker just.
There are several things to notice:

Call Recorder will notify another man the call will be recorded. The CallRecorder prohibited, in lots of states, to record a phone call without both the parties understanding about it. Thus the attribute.
 Theres no data transfer (thus no net needed) as well as the recorded calls arent exploited in any manner. It seems clean and safe.

Best Cydia apps add distinctive character to jailbroken iOS 6

Your jailbroken iOS is compatible with apps and tweaks available on Cydia Store free of costs or upon payment. The jailbreak apps complete the classical Apple apps with features such as privacy, space and time saving and, most important, they provide for the possibility to use other apps while searching on Internet or composing SMSs.  

Among the various offers of Cydia Store, I found some apps and tweaks which enhance functionality and appearance by adding new features and simplifying the management of a jailbroken iDevice. A number of apps and tweaks are set out below according to their value added to the jailbroken iOS.
If you are keen on staying free from annoying contacts and ads, you can try iBlackList and AdBlocker.
iBlackList app empowers the user to remove unpleasant or unwanted contacts or calls and to manage better both known and unknown phone numbers.

AdBlocker tweak improves the way your iPhone or iPad work by blocking ads. Therefore, the chances of rapid loading Internet page and increased data storage are high.      
If you want a broader view of your apps on your screen and an improved effectiveness, you probably long for LockInfo and Dashboad X.
To download Cydia apps the user can rely on two of the most important providers of jailbreak apps for iDevices: BigBoss and MadMyi repositories.
LockInfo app, one of the most popular Cydia app, announces the user, without delay, on missed calls or received e-mails or SMSs directly on the Lock Screen or inside any other application.

Dashboad X, on the other hand, brings the feature to another level by means of its widgets that re-define your iPhone or iPad in a personal manner. For example, Calendar Widget enables quick and easy access to your monthly agenda from the screen, and Clock Widget offers digital, simple-to-look-at clock on the screen. WeeSearch, however, exceeds all expectations by giving the users the possibility to search among Google, Youtube, Wikipedia or Dictionary in a space-saving manner and still keeping the rest of apps within reach.            

If you are an innovative and always in the rush person, Activator and BiteSMS will certainly meet your requirements.

Activator app enables the user to control the iDevice and use his/ her imagination and create personalized gestures, according to own preferences and needs.

Last but not least in my list, BiteSMS app incorporates features that improve the way the SMS is composed, replied or forwarded.

Cydia apps and tweaks enrich the jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod with exceptional features that contribute to the functionality and efficiency of you iDevice.

Guide to Installing Cydia on your iPhone4

Many people nowadays own an iPhone5, but there still are quite a lot of customers who use older version of the same phone, such as iPhone4 or 4S. If that’s your case and you’re trying to download and install the Cydia software, you might have encountered a few difficulties in doing so. This is why this article is going to serve as a how-to guide that will show you exactly how to get Cydia and install it on your iPhone 4.
As we did in our previous articles, we are going to focus on first things first, which means the main step to take before even thinking of the Cydia application is jailbreaking the phone. The good news is most apps allowing you to perform this operation will also automatically install Cydia on the jailbroken phone. Here is how to do it:
1. Use any of the applications for jailbreaking the iPhone 4 – examples are LimeraIn, Redsn0w, Greenpois0n, Jailbreak Unlock, etc.

2. Allow the process to end and wait for it to automatically install Cydia on the device.
3. Alternatively, once you’re done with the jailbreaking procedure, you can install the app manually.
To allow the app to install Cydia by itself you can, for example, download Redsn0w from its official website, where you should be able to find the newest version – 0.9.15b3. The application is easy to use by following the steps on the screen and enabling it to install the Cydia application for you once it’s done.
Another way of performing the same procedure is to install the app manually, since some of the jailbreaking methods don’t come with a Cydia file or sometimes you might simply prefer to do it yourself. This can be done by downloading the Cydia DEB from the web.
Whether you own an iPhone, iPad, iPod or Apple TV, this website allows you to choose the best version for your device, so finding the right one for your iPhone4 will be as easy as 1, 2, 3. The next step will be saving it to the laptop and installing it afterwards. You should be able to see the installation menu with all instructions to follow once the process beings; wait for it to be done and check that the Cydia icon is now available in your Main Menu.

How to save You Tube videos on your iPad

How many times you wanted to watch or to show to your friends a video on youtube that you’ve watched earlier and you didn’t have a internet connection or, many times, as I’m sure you know, the uploader has erased it from the internet. You ask yourself in that moment ‘Why I didn’t downloaded it?”. None of the web browsers offers a way to download and store the videos on your iPad .The reasons for that is that implies copywriter fees. But there is a legal and free way to download videos on your ipad. Here is what you have to do:
First you’ll need to download and install a downloader application. You can find many on App Store but it costs money. Here is an app which works very smooth and, very important the basic version is for free. It is called Video Downloader Lite Super – Vdownload. ( however the Premium version only costs 2,49£). After you install this app you can download videos and store them into your iPad. Here is how:

Start up the VDownload by tapping the icon that appears on your Home screen or wherever you saved the app. After this type in the search term whatever you want to see. It is is very simple because the interface looks just as You Tube itself. After you select a video you have two options given by the app. One is to “Save to memory” and the other one is “Cancel”. “Save to memory” means that you can save the video to your iPad’s memory and doing that you can watch it later without any internet connection. After typing “Save to memory”, on your screen will appear a “loading” status wich will save the video in the Downloads folder. Tap the download tab to see all the videos you have saved or to watch one of them even, for example, you are in the Airplane Mode, by taping the green play arrow at the top right of the screen.
As it was mentioned at the beginning it is very legal to download videos and watch them later, but of course only for personal use. This is very important because the people worked hard to create the videos and they earn some money by advertising their videos. Downloading and attempt to profit from videos that you do not own copyright is illegal.

A top 5 why you should not jailbreak

Jailbreaking is one of the coolest things to come to iOS but sadly not everything is fun and games so for those of you that are still on the rops trying to decide if jailbreaking is right for you we are not going to give you a top five reasons why you should jailbreak but instead we are going to give you the top five reasons why you shouldn’t jailbreak.
Well on number one sadly jailbreaking is not for everyone even though it’s very easy to jailbreak any device it still requires a little bit of tech-knoledge aside from that what not everybody’s out there to try to do their best with the iPhone they just wanna run the specific app that they like and they’re really not after tweaking things are not annoyed by the fact that the settings are all stuck in one menu they’re not easily accessible a aside other things that sadly isn’t something that everybody is out there for and if you consider the average iPhone consumer I’ll tell you it does make sense for not everybody to want to jailbreak.
Number two your iPhone is exposed to malware and well sideloading applications doesn’t only allow you to sideload Cydia apps but it also allows you to sideload malware and just think about this in particular if you’re worried about your phone being tacked and tapped well in the case of the iPhone the only way you can actually do that is if you jailbreak your device first and then load the applications that will allow whichever private investigator or service to be after you so sadly jailbreaking does have this level of threat that you should consider
On number three it complicates your user experience for example if you wanna update to a newer version of iOS you can’t do Over The Air OTA anymore you have to pretty much get rid of the jailbreak then upgrade to the new version and then restore the device and it just makes everything complicated aside from that there are some applications that don’t quite work well with jailbroken devices like for example Skype you do get a message that your device is jailbroken they can you Skype actually can use it but we wonder if it’s actually safe to use Skype if your devices is jailbroken you can still get that alert.
Number four jailbroken apps are actually quite expensive if you look at the average application for iOS could cost between one or two dollars there are some games out there that cost you six dollars or seven dollars at most but then you have it IntelliScreenX that will give you a three-day trial which is cool but the problem is it cost you ten bucks and if you consider the advantages of IntelliScreenX  sure you can just consider not loading it to your phone but then again ten dollars for simple tweak is kinda expensive and aside from that one you’ll get others that are quite expensive and even though some people tell me that there are trials well there are trials for everything so not everything is out there for you to try.
And the number fiv reason why you shouldn’t jailbreak your iPhone is actually two things: number one you lose reliability the time ever since ive jailbroken my iPhone it’s pretty much crashed around 10 times you better get used to that and the second is the fact that restoring my iPhone to factory settings can be a pain, but obviously depends on your mileage in my case I have a 64 gigabyte iPhone and my connection in my country is pretty much 5 megabits to 8 megabits down so just think about this 64 gigs that’s pretty much max the 60 and then I have to pretty much restore to factory settings pretty much delete everything and then either use iCloud or use my computer to restore 64 gigs content how long do you think that takes, it’s actually a pain so just consider that before jailbreaking definitely your experience is not really gonna be the best if you’re out for reliability and the best iOS experience even though some people will debate that and the reason why I jailbroken my device is because I actually do debate that.
I hope you enjoyed this top five of why you should not jailbreak and hope i shed some light on this matter.